30 Jan

Presciense joins the zigbee alliance

Presciense Enables Utility Companies to Bring to Market Combined Smart Energy and Home Automation Service Capabilities

One of the wireless languages that smart devices use to connect to one another, zigbee, is a foundational element in the interoperable products and solutions that Presciense develop for the UK utility market. Joining the zigbee alliance demonstrates Presciense’s commitment to unifying home energy management and home automation through a single platform.

Presciense’s zigbee Smart Energy and Home Automation compatible In-Home Display (IHD) and Consumer Access Device (CAD), coupled with their smart service delivery platform provide simple yet cost effective ways for UK utilities to meet their obligations under the government's National Smart Metering roll-out programme. The UK government has identified smart meters as a key energy efficiency technology and is aiming for 50 million smart meters to be installed in 30 million homes and businesses in the UK by 2020.

The advantages of deploying Presciense IHD or CAD and service delivery platform are clear for both utilities and consumers – lower product and system development costs, rapid deployment of additional services, greatly simplified install processes and remote service management capabilities. Presciense’s products expedite the benefits of money-saving energy management technology to consumers, embed voice control in the home and allow utilities to access new smart home revenue streams.

Dr Gerd Busker, CTO at Presciense said “Presciense innovatively present energy information and are a market leader in smart home enabled In-Home Displays that support the delivery of smart home services with Alexa voice control. As the field of energy management is evolving rapidly, interoperability is a key requirement for both products and services. We’re pleased to be part of the zigbee alliance, which has a critical role to play in connecting all elements of the smart meter infrastructure”.