07 Feb

Presciense win a European Smart Energy Award

Presciense impressed the judges and beat established providers to win a European Smart Energy Award with their end-to-end platform that integrates energy management with the ability to control other smart home devices. This highly secure and scalable platform is the foundation of all Presciense products.

In the context of smart energy, with every smart meter that is installed, customers must be offered an in home display (IHD) that shows their energy consumption. Presciense adds value to the mandatory IHD by offering multifunctional gateway products that domestic users truly want to engage with. Whether using Alexa voice control to check energy consumption and make payments, or monitoring and managing other smart home features from anywhere through companion apps on their own mobile devices, the users of Presciense products will ultimately live smarter. In contrast, an IHD that only displays consumption and tariff data, no matter how visually pleasing or informative, quickly loses its impact, then is ignored and forgotten. The award recognises the power and potential of Presciense's integrated platform to deliver new smart home services and shape a smarter world.

The awards ceremony highlights excellence in technologies relevant to the smart energy sector and was part of Europe's Smart Energy Summit. At the two-day exhibition in London, Presciense demonstrated their platform and IHD to over 250 delegates, including industry experts, policy advisors and consumer advocates. Reflecting on the experience, Jonathan Lishawa, CEO, said “We are delighted that the judges acknowledged the ambition and innovation inherent in the fully-featured capabilities of our products for the utility market. Presciense show that secure, user-friendly and dependable connected home services are available today.”