07 Jan

Dr Gerd Busker, Presciense CTO, appointed to the SEC Change Board

Presciense as Party to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) is please to announce the appointment of Dr Gerd Busker Presciense CTO to the SEC Change Board.

The SEC is a multi-Party body which defines the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other relevant parties involved in the end-to-end management and delivery of smart metering in Great Britain. As part of the Change Board Dr Busker will facilitate the development of the Smart Energy Code, reviewing and refining Modification Proposals and playing an active role in deciding whether to approve modifications.

Dr Busker has a background in Engineering Physics and specialized in Nuclear Reactor Physics at the University of Delft, in the Netherlands. He came to Britain in 1994 to work on a project in collaboration with Nuclear Electric (now EDF). He has worked as a lead developer and technical architect for a number of companies ranging from internet startups, to pharmaceutical and financial services companies. He was the Country Manager for ClusterVision UK, a company specializing in the design of large-scale computer clusters where his software design experience and electrical engineering knowledge came together to design and build fast and efficient supercomputers, a number of which scored very high in the regular and the green Supercomputing Top500.