30 Mar

Presciense achieves zigbee Smart Energy certification

After rigorous and independent testing, Presciense have obtained zigbee Smart Energy 1.2b certification. The certification proves that our smart home gateway and in-home display Polaris conforms to zigbee alliance standards. zigbee Smart Energy is the most widely-used standard worldwide and ensures that smart meters can communicate with other devices.

Utility companies choose between many brands and versions of smart meters, and an even broader range of in-home displays which enable consumers to visualise and control their energy use. In Britain, SMETS requires that zigbee Smart Energy is the standard communication route, so that the in-home display communicates reliably with the smart meter and shows up-to-date information.

By using zigbee Smart Energy, Presciense develop products that operate with smart meters made by any manufacturer, positioning interoperability is a key component of success. Lead Developer Ryan Roberts said "Attaining zigbee Certified status demonstrates our commitment to building interoperable products, and I am pleased with the great work that the Presciense team have put into reaching this milestone." Achieving certification shows that Presciense are equipped to meet the needs of SMETS1 meters that utility companies have already installed and are prepared for the roll out of new SMETS2 smart meters in Britain.